Do you often feel anxious or apprehensive?
Do you have frequent feelings of guilt?
Do you have back or neck pain on a regular basis?

Do you frequently sense a lack of self-worth?
Do you suffer from insomnia several times a week?
When you do sleep, do you still wake up tired?
Do you have frequent heartburn or upset stomach?
Do you have headaches that keep you from concentrating?
Do you seem to be too busy to relax?
Do you set unrealistic deadlines for yourself and sometimes others?
Are you frequently irritable?
Do you find yourself grinding your teeth?
Do you drink lots of caffeine and/or alcohol?
Has your appetite or weight changed recently?
Do you suffer a heavy sensation in your chest or notice a rapid heart beat?

If you answered yes to five of the above 15 questions, you’re a candidate for stress.  If you had eight or more yes answers, then you’re currently suffering from stress symptoms.

We all have stress in our lives, but when it becomes a regular or daily occurrence, then we need to do something to lower stress levels before our health begins to suffer.  Unusually high stress levels lead to release of certain hormones.  Adrenaline, for example, is elevated when a sudden noise or stressful situation occurs.  This is the fight or flight reflex.  Chronic stress and the accompanying chemical levels can lead to headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia and, ultimately, even to heart attacks and stroke.

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