A teenager’s mind, a burgeoning portal of creativity and potential and a parent’s most unsettling milieu.  As children mature they develop an understanding of right and wrong, good and bad, but what differentiates the child that grows into a responsible teenager on the path to achievement and good health from one that pushes the limits of health, safety and well-being by turning to drugs, alcohol and sex?  

The answer is character and self-discipline.  Character, the essence of moral and ethical quality, is developed through experiences and learned values over time.  And teenagers are bright-eyed and enthusiastic, on a quest for exciting, new encounters.  In a society bursting with a tantalizing smorgasbord of new experiences, these impressionable, inquisitive kids can easily be lured into dangerous situations.  Concerned parents seeking ways to harness that enthusiasm seek local resources dedicated to teaching the discipline of heart and mind necessary to help their teens make wise choices and establish the habit of self-discipline.  Whether they are avid sports participants or studious intellects, every pre-teen and teen needs help preparing to face the challenges of life with courage and resolve to be the best that they can be

Developing quality character and self-discipline will help pioneering teens say no to drugs, no to alcohol, no to unsafe sex, no to situations that will put their safety at risk, no to dishonesty, no to laziness and ultimately, no to a life of mediocrity and low self-esteem.  

Active teens that participate in football, soccer, baseball, ice skating, gymnastics, track and field or a myriad of other sports venues available in Santa Clarita will find that a summer spent active in local organizations committed to helping them achieve their personal best will prove invaluable in their discipline and decision making in the very near future.  Keep your kids active this summer and give them an edge during this impressionable period.  Does the coming year hold a season of college scouts attending your teen’s games or SAT’s that will require superior focus and mental stamina to open doors of first-choice college opportunities.  If so, give them the best advantage possible with ultimate physical and mental fitness to help them achieve ultimate performance when it counts.

The teens of Santa Clarita have a decisive advantage because there are many local resources that offer opportunities for active involvement, team building and physical fitness.  These dedicated groups will help develop quality character and core fitness all summer long.  Research the opportunities in the Santa Clarita region and find out how they can impact the life of your teen and help them develop the discipline, consistency and physical fitness necessary to excel in school, athletics and life.  Say yes today and make a difference in the life of your teen.

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