How You Use Your Voice Could Change Your Life

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 The power to persuade can create unlimited success. Our voice is the engine of that success. We can use it to create empires or a simple successful life or to complain and explain why we are victims. Our tone of voice is very often a reflection of how we view the world. If we’re nervous and up tight the voice often has an edge and puts people off. Whether a person wants to be a voice over artist or more successful in their own profession it is extremely important to look for the good or opportunity in all situations and be patient. The things we say to ourselves control our mood and tone of voice. It is useless to do voice exercises to improve how we sound if we are saying negative things to ourselves because the voice will reflect the sound of mistrust that is in our minds.
We want to be optimistic, but not delusional of course. It’s important to use our voice to bring a positive experience to other people; to work at being pleasant. Then we notice that we have positive experiences ourselves. We really do attract and create the situations we are in. All of this is a process and takes time.
It is perfectly natural to say things like, “why can’t I do that,” “I wonder how to do that”, oh I could never do that.”
Learning to allow for process is one of the most important things that we can practice in our lives. Process is how the earth was made. Process is how math, science and art achieve all their great accomplishments and inspirations.
If we don’t allow process because of impatience we are literally making the choice to not understand because we have interrupted the process of building up familiarity, understanding and skill. Voiceover artists, teachers, sales people and everyone can become more persuasive and successful as we improve how we speak to others and the things we say to ourselves.
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