The Best Voice Wins

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 Perhaps we could say the voice that is used in the best clearest way, wins.
Lots of people have great professional knowledge, and yet they are not as successful and effective in their communications as they want to be.
They may not get the results they want on sales calls or in making presentations.
So, how do we communicate clearly and make our skill and knowledge accessible to staff, employees and clients?
Many people marvel at the successful communication of others saying things like that person is a natural. They have such a good voice, or I wish I could speak like that! Well, you can.
None of this is magic. The elements of great delivery and a pleasant sounding voice can be learned by anyone. Yes, anyone.
The answer is found in the techniques that voiceover artists use everyday to make big money.
We are talking about learning how to control your tone of voice.  This enables you to communicate thoughts clearly so you can avoid misunderstandings and have your own natural “power to persuade”.
Your ideas must be coordinated with your tone of voice. You have to have the “right tone of voice” for the “right idea”. This greatly reduces misunderstandings, and makes your knowledge and expertise more accessible.
The ability to persuade determines financial success. Everything in life is about presentation; we connect with people based on how well we do it.
These techniques, this process in the professional and corporate world can bring unlimited success. Would you like to take your leadership and professional abilities to a whole new level?
Successful communication with people isn’t magic. Tone of voice and presentation has a unique relationship with success in any profession. Success is the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. Developing your presentation skills requires a command over color, shading, cadence, timing, and a complete awareness of the tone of voice you’re using.
Voiceover techniques create the ability to use all of these qualities in a natural way. They will make it possible to achieve your goals when speaking, teaching, selling, leading or negotiating.
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