A Journey to Ageless Life The fountain of youth versus science of medicine

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 This article is continuing from the October issue where the doctor discussed HRT Treatment.
Since the departure of Adam and Eve from eternal life in Heaven, human beings have been searching for ways to live longer – a search for the fountain of youth!  To replace the average 71-year life span not with eternal youth, but with a longer life.  Through medical breakthroughs and living conditions, nutrition and awareness of environmental effects, we are now able to live up to 90 years and more, depending on where on the earth we live.
Ageless Life Institute
Now offering an age-defying program to put an end to the search for the fountain of youth.  The whole-body approach to the longevity combining non-surgical cosmetics and anti-aging hormonal therapy along with nutrition, fitness, acupuncture, stress free lifestyle and a whole other host of alternative innovative therapies.  The result is amazing.
Transform aging signs and symptoms of lacking energy to looking great and feeling younger with a vibrant energy so you feel happy and healthy.
So how does this transformation work?  At Ageless Life Institute your whole body will be evaluated by a comprehensive review of systems and symptoms including medical, family and personal history—all in one place under the care of an expert medical team.  It encompasses evaluation of comprehensive blood laboratory analysis, saliva, urine and in more advanced cases body scanning.  The result is finding the state of your health, symptoms and analysis of your body hormones.  Hormones are regulating your body and are vital to stop early aging.  It also means an end to many symptoms that make life unhealthy and unhappy for you.  We offer you a life of free of stress, pain, lack of sleep, sexual dysfunction, premenstrual symptoms, menopauses, hot flashes, moodiness, depression, memory loss, changes in natal weight, anxiety and fatigue.
In many cases it will eliminate going to a variety of doctors to treat multiple symptoms.  Hormonal enhancement is provided after an extensive evaluation and measuring of the entire hormonal system to balance each hormonal level.  That is the beginning of a life full of energy—the happier life you have always wanted.  Your dreams to have balance, younger looking skin and higher energy will continue by an ongoing evaluations, high quality supplements, fitness programs, nutritional planning, food planning and stress reduction with acupuncture, massage and meditation.  We also use light and music in our SEDA room, who promotes relaxation through sound.
That means having a body transforming to a state of youth often 10 to 20 years younger in look and energy.  Providing you a life worth living long into your 90s in great health and with much happiness. The transformation process takes six months to a year with various stages of therapy, all non-invasive.
In addition to helping you look more youthful and feel better, Valencia Medical Center also offers non-surgical hair replacement treatment.  Available to both men and women, we use Platelet Rich Plasma infusion by micro-needling.  You can often see results in three to five treatments.  We do them about a month apart and it only takes about 15 minutes per session.  This simple therapy can give you 10 years back on your look.
Valencia Medical Center, innovative medicine science for a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Call 661-222-9117 for more information, We offer 0 percent in-house financing on approved credit.  Start your journey to ageless life today.  Ask for our 20 percent discount for entire therapy.

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