Art You Can Pet at “Pettable Paintings” Exhibit Now on display at the Newhall Community Center until October 1, 2018

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 Here’s something you rarely hear about – an art exhibit where you are encouraged to touch the artwork. In Santa Clarita, a new art exhibit has opened that allows you to touch and feel paintings as much as you want. “Pettable Paintings,” the newest art exhibit at the Newhall Community Center features “pettable” animal-themed artwork by Santa Clarita artist, Janine Cooper Ayres. The art exhibit is free to visit and is on display for the public to feel and enjoy until October 1, 2018.
“Whenever you go to a gallery or museum, you will often see an employee hovering nearby to make sure that you don’t touch the paintings, but this isn’t the case at my exhibit,” says Janine. In fact, Janine wants everyone to touch, and even pet the animals in her paintings. Using faux fur fabrics, Janine has created fun, furry creatures that may be too irresistible not to touch, such as a leopard, zebra and bear.
The Newhall Community Center is located at 22421 Market Street in Newhall. The Center is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
For more information regarding the art exhibit, please contact Jeff Barber at [email protected]. For more information regarding all City art happenings, please visit



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