City Parks Staff Renovate Fields Ahead of Fall Aeration and Maintenance Rejuvenate City Parks Following Hot Summer

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Community

 To keep grass at parks green and lush despite constant use, the City of Santa Clarita Parks division works hard to maintain the high-quality fields residents love. While fields may be closed from time to time to allow for the renovation process, the end results are beautiful parks that are perfect for having picnics or teaching your children how to kick a soccer ball.
Approximately 300 Santa Clarita children participate in Youth Sports Flag Football and thousands of residents and visitors attend special events put on by the City and outside organizations. As such, the fields dry out throughout the year, making it necessary for Parks staff to give each venue a little extra attention.
As part of the field renovation process, the Parks staff aerates and top-dresses fields as needed in the City’s 34 parks. Aeration pokes holes or slices into the ground to allow for better oxygen and water movement in the soil. In addition, aerating the ground provides better conditions for root growth for the turf grass. Following aeration, a nutrient-rich organic top dressing is added to further improve field conditions, leading to safe and green playing surfaces for all Santa Clarita park lovers. The process was recently completed for the fields at Canyon Country and Old Orchard Parks.
For more information on the field renovation process contact Bryan Peck, Parks Administrator for the City of Santa Clarita, at 661-290-2226.



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