Shedding Lite on a Great Cause!

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Community

An athletic person is someone who lives and breathes to compete. Athletes all have a competitive spirit and a drive to push themselves to finish that race or win that medal despite any disability or attribute that might hold some back. Every year, around the world, these brave men and women compete in an Ironman event.
Santa Clarita resident John Lite of State Farm Insurance has setup a fundraiser to support these disabled Ironman athletes. The Ironman Challenge is set for April 6, 2019. Let us all help John raise the necessary funds in support of the men and women of the Ironman Foundation, who despite their disability, will compete in this incredible endurance event. As a competitor himself, John shared that what touched him the most were these tremendous athletes with physical or mental impairments and their perseverance to achieve the ultimate goal of completing a triathlon or an Ironman. It takes rigorous hard work, daily training and dedication. Depending on the size of the triathlon or Ironman, these races can last anywhere from two hours to 14 hours straight.
“I am humbled by these individuals every day,” he shared.
John’s goal is to raise at least $1,750 and to date he has raised $225. The Ironman Foundation has donated over $19 million for various causes from building homes to helping pay the medical expenses for their disabled athletes. All donations must be received by May 23, 2019.
To support John and his cause please visit,



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