A Grateful Patient

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Community

Gary E. Condie, CPA, founding shareholder of Condie, Thomas & Harbo, CPAs, and the founding chairman of the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Foundation, has been a frequent patient at the hospital over the past few years due to complications brought on by asthma. Because of the experiences he has shared with his physician, Condie felt compelled to make a generous donation to the new Patient Tower in honor of Lakhbinder P. Dhanda, MD, head of Valencia Internal Medical Group, Inc.,
“I could give you 25 stories; probably more, detailing exactly why Dr. Dhanda is deserving of the honor of a donation made in his name. They all begin with his words ‘Don’t worry; I will go with you,’” says Condie.
One example involves the night Condie was up for the SCV Man and Woman of the Year Award in 2005.
“I was supposed to be at the event, but instead I was lying on a bed in Henry Mayo’s emergency room. I was not feeling good at all, and my asthma was out of control. I said to [my wife] Myrna I probably wasn’t going to be able to go. Keep in mind here that the winners are kept secret and only announced live at the event. Dr. Dhanda could see I was giving up on going, and said to me, ‘We need to get you feeling better quickly, because you need to get to that hotel–you’re going to be announced as the winner!’ He then added, ‘Don’t worry; I will go with you.’ And he did. He brought his medical bag with emergency supplies and stayed by my side the entire evening.”
Condie describes the time he had a serious setback and was worried that he would have to cancel a trip to Hawaii with his grandchildren that had been planned two years prior. He mentioned to Dr. Dhanda that he was going to reluctantly cancel over worries that he might get sick on the trip, and jokingly suggested that Dr. Dhanda should come along in case he did. Dr. Dhanda replied, ‘Don’t worry; I will go with you,’ and then rearranged his schedule in order to take his family on vacation to Hawaii along with the Condies, while watching over his patient.
Condie shares another story about Dr. Dhanda that he feels exemplifies the dedication and compassion Dr. Dhanda shows to his patients. Earlier this year, his wife Myrna found him unresponsive, and called 911. He was taken to Henry Mayo’s ER. Dr. Dhanda was in Los Angeles, attending his eldest daughter’s college graduation when he received the call that Gary was in the ER. He immediately gathered his family together and said, “We have to leave now. Gary’s been hospitalized and is in trouble. I have to go help him.”
In regards to the hospital, Condie says “Our relationship with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital goes back to the very beginning. I was proud to serve as the first chair of the Hospital Foundation and to help start its successful philanthropy program. Myrna and I are very grateful to be near an excellent community hospital with world class physicians and an outstanding reputation for quality care. Raising money for the new Patient Tower while honoring Dr. Dhanda was the perfect choice for us.” 



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