Add $100,00 to Your Home Value with This One Remodel!

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Home & Garden

It may seem like a dream, but adding an elevator to your home can increase the value of your property by up to $100,000 – in an instant.
And that’s not even the best part.
A residential elevator is also one of the kindest things you can do for you and your family. Why? It increases the independence of the homeowners, protects their health, increases safety and extends the amount of time they can spend in the home. And that is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone.
In case you’re looking for ways to extend your time — or that of a loved one — in your own home, here are three benefits to adding an elevator to your home.
1. Up To $100,000 In Home Value
Adding an elevator to your home is one of the most practical and lucrative investments you can make in your home. Depending on the model, a residential elevator can add $100,000 in value, especially as more and more couples choose to age in place. Plus, the value of a residential elevator increases with the number of floors in the home.
2. Increased Mobility In The Home
Whether you have a differently abled family member, aging parent or home business that requires a lot of lifting, a home elevator allows you to stay in place longer and with more ease. It increases the safety of the home and gives residents more time to stay put — rather than selling or leaving the home for part-time or full-time assisted living. Being able to safely age in place is an invaluable advantage for homeowners, and it can do wonders for quality of life.
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