City Launches Snapshot Data Website

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Community

 The City of Santa Clarita is excited to announce a new website where residents can view data and information related to City projects and achievements over the last year. The City Snapshot website, which can be visited at, allows residents to explore the statistical side of what makes the City of Santa Clarita such a wonderful place to live, work and play.
This new website features a scrolling effect that takes you through photos and numbers, presenting a vibrant snapshot of the City’s accomplishments from the past year. Want to learn more? Each statistic is hyperlinked to a website with more information on the specific topic.
This new site accompanies the current open data website at, which breaks down the statistics in graphs, charts and more traditional formats. However, both sites achieve the goal of a transparent government: open, accessible and accountable.
Visitors to the website will be able to discover new facts and see data from all the City departments. In addition to learning how many oak trees are in Santa Clarita, you’ll also get information on the number of potholes filled by City crews and see how many miles Santa Clarita Transit buses drive each year.
Data included in the City Snapshot website is from 2017, unless otherwise noted. To start exploring the website and learn more about the work completed by City staff in the community throughout the year, please visit



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