Heavy Rain and Your Pool

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Home & Garden

As can be expected, heavy rain can wreak havoc on swimming pools—by exposing problems such as poor drainage and by creating problems such as debris in the pool and water chemistry issues.
Poor drainage— If you have drainage issues, heavy rain can really expose them. The best way to determine if poor drainage exists is to observe the pool area during heavy rain. If poor drainage is an issue which causes rain water draining into the pool, corrections should be made. Many pool elevations are dictated by the elevation of the house, which sometimes are too low to begin with. But oftentimes drainage can be dealt with by the use of drainage systems and/or retaining walls. In addition, installing gutters on the house usually helps with pool-area drainage.
Debris in the pool—This can be very frustrating, as a perfectly clean pool can become filthy in just a few minutes.   It is helpful to run the pump and the automatic cleaner during a storm, which helps in dealing with debris that blows into the pool during a storm. After the storm, clean the skimmer baskets, skim debris off of the surface, and vacuum the pool if necessary.   It is often necessary to operate the pump and automatic cleaner for an extended period of time after the storm—this helps filter the water and also cleans the debris off of the floor of the pool.
Water chemistry—This is typically the biggest issue when dealing with a rainstorm, as the water chemistry is usually adversely affected. It should be no surprise that water chemistry is affected—since anything and everything that is added to the pool affects it—especially rain and debris. Immediately after the rain ends, test the water—and be especially sure that the pH is in the proper range. Then, super chlorinate the pool water.
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