Turn Back time with a Signature MEND Cryo-Facial

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Health & Fitness

 Our Signature Mend Cryo-Facial is a carefully developed treatment to nourish, balance, heal, and improve skin integrity. After relaxing into the comfortable ambience of our treatment room, customers are then placed in the hands of our experienced professional Estheticians. Expert analysis of the skin is given to assess each customer’s personal needs and concerns. Once a direction for the treatment has been determined, our customers are taken through a delicate, yet thorough process that involves steam cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, blackhead removal, cryotherapy massage, treatment mask, and locally applied cryotherapy. The skin is left stimulated and detoxified which provides an ideal environment for tighter pore surfaces, additional collagen production, reduction of inflammation and surface damage, and internally healing. Those who are subjected to unbalanced skin in the form of inflammation, lack of surface moisture, topical cell damage, and acne all benefit from our Signature Mend Cryo-Facial. Specific treatments are also available to treat skin concerns at a more direct level such as our LED Light Therapy Facial to kill acne bacteria and reduce swelling from infection, as well as instantly plump fine lines and tighten pores. Our Cherry Enzyme Peel provides gentle antioxidant protection and fruit enzyme exfoliation to brighten the skin. If loss of elasticity in the facial area in the concern, our Cryo-Sculpt Facial is designed to firm and tighten loose skin while freezing unwanted fat cells in the facial area by use of Thermal Shock. This new and exciting treatment stimulates the skin with the application of heat first and then cryotherapy to encourage detoxification through our bodies own lymphatic drainage system and restructures the skin by way of accelerated collagen production. Each of our Signature Mend Facial services are performed by trained professionals with nothing but the ease and satisfaction of our customer in mind. Call to schedule your well-deserved time of self-care, 661-294-7898.



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