I Love Teachers!

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Community

 We all have at least one amazing teacher that made an incredible impact on our lives. Be it they made you realize your gifts, they put life in perspective for you, or they helped you through a tough situation with sagely advice. To commemorate all that a teacher does they are given a national day, but they are not held to the same standard as medical professionals, first responders and other heroes we see in the community. Over the past 30 years’ wages have decreased considerably and teachers are working additional jobs just to pay the bills. Despite their financial burdens teachers utilize their own funds to help structure the young minds of today.
Last year, No Bugs started giving back with a free service to our local teachers for the summer. This action quickly came in the national spotlight and other companies began to join in the movement. This sparked the seed of innovation and Tyler Anderson created ilovetearchers.com. This website allows teachers and the support staff that work with teachers to log on and see what businesses give discounts on goods and services, saving them thousands of dollars a year. With this venture, Tyler and his team hope we can finally give the teaching profession the much due notoriety.
Teachers should feel respected and revered for their dedicated service and sacrifice. Through I Love Teachers they are shown that we see them and are thankful for all they do.
For more information or if you or your business would like to show your support to your local teachers log on to iloveteachers.com and join the movement.



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