Three Simple Steps to Prepare your Pool for Spring

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Home & Garden

Step 1. Check your deck
Old Man Winter has been huffing and puffing and blowing leaves and branches and dirt all over your deck. It’s time to clear away all of the debris. Blow, rake, or sweep everything away from your pool. Once that’s done, inspect for any cracks in your deck that may have formed over the winter and repair pool deck cracks. Check your expansion joints for cracks or tears in the caulking. Spring is an excellent time to caulk your deck expansion joints. Have any weeds taken root? Take them out now before they have a chance to multiply and damage the deck.
Step 2. Check your cover
Is your cover a swamp or does it just have a few leaves on it? Are there any holes or tears Check on your water bags for splits or for places where they may have been chewed on by squirrels.  If there is water standing on your cover, pump it off with a cover pump. Be careful when pumping off the cover. If the cover has holes in it you might also be pumping out your pool water.
Do not attempt to move or lift even part of your cover while there is standing water on it. One slip and water rich in dissolved leaves and other organic waste could spill into your pool. If your cover does dump into your pool then you will likely have to drain your pool. Otherwise you could be in for several weeks of shocking, filtering, and backwashing, perhaps every day.
Next month we will cover checking the water chemistry and how to balance it.
For details, you can reach Cornerstone Pools Services at 661-373-9901.



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