Protect Yourself and Your Belongings How to Choose the Best Mover for Your Move

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Home & Garden

Asking the right questions when researching moving companies for your upcoming move will equip you to make the best choice. Be sure to ask the following questions:
1. Do you have Workers’ Compensation?
If a mover is injured on your premises during a move and the moving company does not have Workers’ Compensation insurance, as the homeowner you will be held financially responsible for his recovery and loss of work. Ask to see your moving company’s certificate of insurance, and ensure that they hire employees rather than contractors to protect yourself and the movers.
2. How long have you been in business? Are you licensed?
Recently, California household movers have been placed under the authority of the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (BEARHFTI). If licensed, the moving company will have a 6-digit Cal-T number that is displayed in all its advertising. Every interstate moving company needs to be licensed by the US Department of Transportation’s FMCSA. Walk away from any company that is not licensed appropriately.
3. What happens if my things are damaged?
Even the best mover has made mistakes. A moving company worthy of your business should be able to outline different insurance options to you and recommend the best option based on the type, value, and amount of your belongings.
4. How do you charge?
There are many components to a moving bill, and you want to be sure to completely understand how the moving company will handle each component. Inquire about drive time, fuel, and breaks as well as if there is a minimum.
Searching for a good moving company might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but with the right questions, you’ll narrow your search quickly and confidently form the moving partnership you’re looking for.
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