Is Your Pool Ready?

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Home & Garden

 Spring is here and it’s time to plan for this summer of fun swimming which means it’s time to have your pool filter cleaned. In Southern California, a DE style filter is the kind everybody has.  Let’s make this easy. If your filter is metal don’t bother to clean it, it’s time to replace it.  All metal filters are obsolete.
If your filter is plastic, make sure you have a replacement O ring for the tank and a replacement for the air valve. If the inside of your filter has plastic curved grids covered by a thick fabric you should plan on replacing all eight of them. Never backwash a DE filter, it makes a mess and the backwash valve always starts to leak.
The new DE filters are vastly improved. They are like the difference between a pager and a smart phone. They can hold twice the amount of dirt and go twice as long between needing to be cleaned. Speaking of cleaning, they are super easy and super-fast to clean. They also filter the water much better. There are only four grids inside that look like a giant air filter that just plug into the bottom of the filter.  They can’t be put in wrong; a toddler could put them in. They are plastic, so they will not rust. We have been installing them for over 10 years, but we never had to replace one of the grids inside so far. I can’t say they will last forever, but so far, they have.
We sell them for $900 installed.  These new filters are designed much better, so they filter a significantly larger amount of water compared to old filters. This means your circulation pump will need about 1/2 the watts, saving you about $500 a year in electricity.  To get this off your “to do” list call us today and schedule your new filter install.
For details, you can reach Cornerstone Pools Services at 661-373-9901.

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