Moving with your Pets

by | May 26, 2019 | Pet Services

 Soon, Copper Hill Animal Clinic will be moving to a new larger location at the corner of Seco Canyon Road and Bouquet. While we have our own challenges in moving our animals and equipment, many pet owners have just as much to consider when it comes to moving from home to home. Moving with your pet may be stressful but with a little forward planning it will be much easier for everyone involved.
When choosing a new home, take a moment and consider how it will work for your pets. Consider staircases for small and elderly dogs, litter box placement (as always, we recommend one extra box per the number of cats in the household), backyard access and safety, and the surroundings. Will you be located near any busy roads? How about the wilderness? In Santa Clarita, keep in mind any potential interactions your pet may have with coyotes or rattlesnakes.
Before the move, make sure all of your animals are in good health. A health certificate is required if you are traveling across state lines and your vet can write one for you. Just keep in mind that you will need to have your pet examined no more than 10 days before traveling. Also, consider the destination. In places with lots of mosquitoes your pet may need heartworm prevention. Places with ticks means that your pet may need different vaccinations and tick preventive.
The longer the trip, the more preparation you will need. Useful items to have include waterproof bags for soiled bedding, extra bedding, travel litter boxes and travel food and water dishes. If your pets are not already microchipped, this is the time! A microchip may save your pet’s life if they are somehow separated from you during your journey. Make sure to update your new address with your microchip company as well!
Proper planning and preparation will give you and your pets a safe and exciting move!
Please call Copper Hill Animal Clinic at 661-296-8848 to schedule an appointment.

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