Summer is Coming

by | May 26, 2019 | Home & Garden

 Every year when the weather changes all the pools become more difficult to maintain and algae will grow much faster. When the pool water is very cold in the winter, about 40 degrees, algae has a very hard time growing. Think of melted snow in a river; ever wonder why the river water is so perfectly clear and why lake water is always green? Algae is just a plant, think of it as grass that grows in water.  As the days grow longer and warmer the pool water warms up also.  By spring the water is about 65 degrees.
For algae to grow it needs three things: water, food and sunlight. Water, well you have a pool full of that.  Food, algae just like your lawn is a plant and needs food to grow. Algae food is almost anything that gets into your pool, like leaves, pollen, grass clippings, fertilizer, dirt blown in by the wind or the gardener, and dead algae that is already in the pool or inside the filter. Lastly, algae needs’ sunlight to grow; sunny California has lots of that, right?
To keep algae from growing in your pool you must remove one of the three items algae needs to grow. You can’t remove the water or sunlight so that leaves just food. If you put your algae on a diet by removing as much food as possible the algae will still grow but will grow much slower. You can require that your gardener not blow debris into the pool.  Clean and vacuum the pool at least once a week.  Keep animals out of the water, like dogs, birds, especially ducks, rabbits, snakes, etc.  Don’t let landscape water run off the grass or plants into the pool.  Keep the area around the pool free of debris.
Even with your algae on a diet, some algae will grow so you will need to add chlorine to the pool water to kill any growing algae. Correctly balanced water with three to five PPM (parts per million) of chlorine will give you algae-free water. Take notice, I have said nothing about if the pool filtration pump is even on or how fast it is running or how long it is running.  All the pool pump and filter do is remove any debris in the water.  It is the chlorine that kills the growing algae.
So, if you have algae in the pool water it is from a lack of chlorine and not correctly balancing the water. Sometimes a pool owner will tell me that there is chlorine in the water but they still have a green pool, this is impossible.  It is impossible to have chlorinated water and still have algae grow.
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