A Hero Who Protected Our Freedom and Now Serves Our Community

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Health & Fitness

 I’m Catherine Kalyani, owner of Hot Yoga Haven. I want to introduce Lexie Jones; a brilliant light at my yoga centers. Lexie served in the military, protecting our freedom for eight years; with two years in active duty as military police in Kuwait. This is Lexie’s story.
“I come from a military background; you had to be tough and physically fit. I brought that mentality with me to the civilian world where I started teaching group fitness classes. Most gym and fitness mindsets revolve around the idea that the more muscles you have, the stronger you are. But how strong of a person are you on inside?
My realization was that I was just going through the motions, but when it came down to it I was disconnected, something was missing. I could lift heavy weights and was fit but something was lacking. It was even affecting my relationships and interactions with others. In my fitness classes I may have been helping others get fit by pushing weights and running hard but knew there had to be a way I could better connect with myself and with others to help find peace on the inside.
I met Catherine and started my yoga journey. As I opened myself up to the transformative effects of yoga, by having a yoga practice, I found that the light inside me grow more brightly. This allowed me to connect with others more deeply. Currently, I serve our yoga community as a HYH teacher, a teacher trainer, and studio manager. The most rewarding part is that I get help others find their peace and help their light shine through the practice of yoga.”
HYH is located at 25044 Peachland Ave., suite 106 in Newhall. For details, visit www. hotyogahaven.com.



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