Technique is Everything Learn to Pack Dishes and Figurines Like a Pro!

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Home & Garden

Part two of three articles dedicated to helping you prepare for moving day!

The packing pros at Camelot are here to help you prepare for moving day with this three-part series. This article will focus on how to handle those beloved yet fragile items with the TLC needed so they arrive safely in their new home.
Step 1: Choose the right materials. Follow our last article’s guidelines to select the right box. For fragile items, you will also need padding. Options include packing paper, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam (in descending order of earth-friendliness).
Step 2: Create a cushion for your items by lining the bottom and sides of your box before you start wrapping items. Add a layer of padding at the top as well before sealing up the box. This brings up an important tip: once sealed, a box must be able to maintain its shape—neither bulging from being overfilled nor collapsing from being underfilled.
Step 3: Wrap each item in padding and fill the space between items with padding so nothing shifts during transport. Stack plates vertically and place glasses upright to avoid damage.
Special Note: The extremities of irregularly shaped items (like figurines) need extra attention. Use plenty of padding on these vulnerable areas and secure the item in the box. Sometimes the delicacy and shape of a piece demands that it has its own box. Use plenty of padding to fill the box, but again don’t overfill.
Step 4 (crucial): Seal the box closed, and label it “FRAGILE” on all sides.
In addition to packing, you will need to prepare the “unpackables.” How do you prepare your fridge, dresser, coffee table, and more for moving day? Find out in our next article!
For details and more information, call Camelot Moving & Storage at 661-255-3112.

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