Pack the Un-packables! Prepare your Fridge, Dresser, Coffee Table for Moving Day

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Home & Garden

Save this: Part three of three articles dedicated to helping you prepare for moving day!

The list of tasks to complete before moving day may seem endless. Nonetheless, with hard work and focus, you can complete it! The packing pros at Camelot are here to help you with this last of three articles, which will focus on the final tasks to complete a day or two before the movers arrive.
Appliances: Start by consulting your manuals for special instructions as well as your gas company regarding gas-powered appliances, and follow their instructions. Remove any perishables and clean the shelves. If you have an icemaker, disconnect and drain the water line. There is no need to defrost your fridge if it will be moved and plugged back in within a few hours. However, if you are moving your fridge to storage or over a long distance, unplug and defrost it at least 24 hours before moving day.
Drawers: Antique and ready-to-assemble furniture should be emptied to avoid any additional stress to the item’s structure during transport. Otherwise, appropriate items can remain in the drawers. Remove the following exceptions: heavy and/or fragile items, jewelry, money, important documents, and items small enough that they may fall out or get lost. Use sandwich bags to gather paperclips and pens in a desk, and leave the sandwich bag in the drawer.
Disassemble: If an item can reasonably be disassembled, do so. Wrap removable glass tops in bubble wrap. Remove table legs and shelving. As you disassemble, have small sandwich bags and tape handy. Keep the nuts, screws, and bolts to each piece separate in its own bag; label the bag; and tape the bag to the item where the tape will not cause any damage (underneath).
Complete these final steps and your moving crew will know they are dealing with a pro! You’ll save time and money on moving day!
For details and more information about Camelot Movers, call 661-255-3112.


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