In Memoriam: Gone Too Soon

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On the evening of July 15th, the Friedman family (Marv, Debbie, Victoria, Taylor and Liz) set sail on an Alaskan cruise with 15 other friends for a celebration cruise. It was meant to be a grand occasion onboard the Grand Princess cruise ship. Unfortunately, the celebration would not last long enough.
On the morning of the second day at sea, Marv Friedman collapsed suddenly in his stateroom due to a severe stroke. After receiving emergency care from the Medical Staff onboard the cruise ship, Marv and his wife, Debbie, were airlifted by the Canadian Coast Guard and transported to land. After various modes of medical transport, Marv and Debbie eventually ended up in Victoria, British Columbia where brain surgery was performed, and Marv remained in ICU and in a critical coma.
Marv, with Debbie by his side both day and night, spent the next 12 days at Victoria General Hospital where his body and spirit fought to stay in our world. At 1:50 a.m. on July 30th, Marv succumbed to the trauma of the stroke and he is now resting in Heaven with his family and friends who have preceded him.
Those of us who knew Marv, and there are many of us, all know how much he gave back to the community through his work as a dentist, but even more so, his volunteerism in the lives of his daughters and the greater dance community here in Saugus and the Santa Clarita Valley. There are many stories of sleepless nights that Marv spent helping to ensure that props were prepared, photos taken, and videos properly compiled, edited and distributed. He took on leadership roles within the dance community and his was the smiling face and positive spirit that helped bring many new families into the fold. Volunteer tasks that the majority of parents would run from, Marv ran towards with delight and boundless energy in an effort to support the beautiful ladies in his life and everyone else involved as well.
It is now our turn, and our duty, to show Marv how much we appreciated his efforts thru our reciprocation and by modeling the selflessness with which Marv Friedman lived his life daily. The best way that we can honor Marv’s memory at this time is by providing our monetary donations to the Marv Friedman’s Family Assistance Fund.
In the coming weeks, Debbie and the girls will be facing multiple and unknown expenses from this tragic life event. The cost of medical care onboard the cruise ship; various modes of medical transport required to arrive in Victoria; any medical costs not covered by insurance; room and board for Debbie and the girls while in Canada; travel back to California once Marv’s body has been released for transport, funeral costs… these are just some of the more obvious financial details that the family will need to manage upon their return home. visit:
The Santa Clarita Magazine and Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care send our deepest condolences to the Friedman family and friends.



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