Four Game-Changing Ways to Refresh Your Entire Home with Your Own Items

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• Repurpose furniture
A quick glance online will provide endless inspiration for repurposing your aging furniture. Old dressers, dining chairs, and cabinet doors in particular hold many possibilities. Literally look at your old furniture from a different angle to see if any items can fill a need before calling for bulk-item pickup.
• Fresh paint
Throwing a bit of color in the space can really transform the atmosphere. Small items such as a tray, flowerpot, or end table as well as larger items like bookshelves or accent walls can make an entire space feel new with a splash of color.
• Share the memories
Make the most of your keepsake boxes to bring joy and a sense of heritage to your home. Frame old love letters, college photos, or baby photos. Prominently display family heirlooms. In addition to decorating your shelves and walls, these items will serve as conversation starters when you host.
• Rearrange furniture
One of the best ways to freshen up a space is to move things around. You may be surprised at how big your living room looks with the couch in a different corner or how the light changes when your bed is against the opposite wall. Save your back by measuring twice before moving any items, and be sure to call in a favor from a friend. Many hands make the load light. In fact, this is a great opportunity to make the most of your local Camelot crew, who will be sure to protect their backs, your furniture, and your walls and railings while helping you discover the perfect new spot for your couch, desk, or bedroom furniture.
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