Holidays for Hometown Troops and Veterans

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Community

 Santa Clarita Annual Holiday program begins on October 1! Community members of all ages and businesses are being asked to help bring holiday cheer to hometown troops overseas and local veterans in need. The only requirement is a big heart! Holiday care packages let them know they are appreciated and not forgotten. Donated items and shipping funds are needed to mail out the Christmas & Hanukkah care packages.
Oct 1-Nov 30: Collection drive for deployed troop packages, ensures delivery of their care packages for the holidays. Cards of appreciation are also needed to go inside the packages, especially from local kids and schools! Help is needed for packing days in Oct and Nov. Donations received after Nov 30 go out in the January winter care packages.
Needed for troops: Holiday items to make their care packages special! Individually packaged snacks & treats – Little Debbie & Hostess type cakes with exp. dates 2-3 wks away, special ground coffees like Starbucks and Pepperidge Farms Cookies and meat & cheese logs are a treat! Jerky, Slim Jims, granola & protein bars, cookies, trail mix, nuts, chips, candy, fruit snacks, instant oatmeal, hot cocoa, and drink packets for water bottles (like Propel, Crystal Light), instant freeze dried coffee packets, tuna kits, pop-top cans of fruit, and meals like Chili, Ravioli & hearty soups, Top Ramen (not cup-a-soups), Ritz type crackers & peanut butter, med plastic jars, 3-4 blade razors, deodorant, lotion, body wash, smaller packs of unscented wipes, thick cotton crew socks (black or white), foot powder, unscented wipes, air activated hand warmers, AA & AAA batteries, sudoku/crosswords, current magazines, Ziploc bags (all sizes), blank greeting cards.
Oct 1-Dec 15: Collection drive for veterans packages & holiday baskets going to disabled, hospitalized, and veterans in need, Help is needed to prepare packages/baskets in Dec. Needed for veterans: Holiday items, snacks & treats, toiletries, socks, winter scarves, gift cards for local stores, markets, fast food & restaurants, and gas cards are a blessing.
Tax-deductible shipping funds are needed to mail the gifts going to our troops overseas. Mail donations to Prayer Angels for the Military at the drop off address, or donate online at Contact: or 661-799-8865 for info, add a troop or veteran name, volunteer, or get event dates.


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