Cohesive Gel Breast Implants

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Medical

What are cohesive gel aka “Gummy bear” implants? After a long regulatory approval process, cohesive gel implants have finally been available in the United States outside of clinical trials for four years now. The implants are more form stable than silicone gel implants, which allows them to assume a more sloped, tear drop shape. The gel is denser with more crosslinks than the traditional silicone gel. The nickname alludes to how if you cut the implant in half, they retain their shape much like a gummy bear. The gel is not liquid and does not spill. They are the so-called “5th generation” of silicone gel implants.
What are the disadvantages?
The new implants are more expensive than other, widely available silicone gel implants. The implants can rotate, which could require an additional operation to reposition the implants. In order to avoid any rotation of the implant, a drain is required postoperatively to eliminate any fluid and allow the textured surface to adhere to the surrounding tissues. The implants are firmer in feel than traditional silicone gel implants.
The implants also can have less fullness in the upper portion of the augmented breast, which can be problematic depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals. They also require a larger incision than round implants for placement.
Are they right for me?
Just because they are the newest implants on the market do not mean they are for everyone. Depending on your anatomy and your goals will determine the best implants for you. However, in certain situations the implants are worth the added costs and can provide a superior result. Ultimately, implants should be tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy and goals after discussing with a plastic surgeon.
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