Habit or Hypnosis

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Health & Fitness

 How does one really change the trajectory of their Mind, Body & Soul?  How can one change their path from poverty to a house with a white picket fence, or a penthouse, a house on a hill or the presidential suite?  How does one change failing relationships into thriving relationships? How can a parent, spouse, employee, entrepreneur, athlete, or salesperson take their gig to the next level and stay there?  Does the answer lie within self-help books? Is it the power of knowledge? If we all read more books, watch more Ted talks, and search for more success stories on YouTube, will we all be wildly successful?
There are hundreds of thousands of books in the U.S. on self-improvement.  With all those books out there shouldn’t everyone who reads a “self-help” book find themselves successful?  In my career I’ve sold more gym memberships and personal training packages than I can count. Every one of the people I sold a package to knew basic truths about health: eat healthy and exercise.  If they know what to do, why aren’t they already in the physical state they desire? Why do I even have a career as a trainer & life coach?
For many centuries there was an expression that can still be heard today — “Knowledge is power”.  Take for example, poor people in Europe in the 1500’s who were forced to adhere to the rules and restrictions of the nobles based on their nobility alone.  Terrible atrocities fell upon the poor by the hands of nobility. The nobles needed to keep their subjects submissive to maintain control over the masses.  How could they have done that if the poor could read the stories of the Bible where slaves forced their freedom from the Egyptians? Similarly, African American slaves were not allowed to learn how to read, particularly in regards to the Bible because the Bible expresses that all people (even slaves) have standards of treatment.  We’ve established that knowledge used to be power. However, in modern times, it’s the application of knowledge that is real power.
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