Hear Your Best this Holiday Season!

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Medical

 The holiday season is just around the corner! As you plan your family gatherings and celebration feasts, consider how valuable these times spent with loved ones are to your life.
Oftentimes, the people we love the most are busy throughout the year, and the holidays are one of the only times that everyone spends together. If you suffer from hearing loss, you’re probably missing a lot during these rare celebrations. Hearing is critical to effective communication, and the holidays may be your only chance this year to communicate with the family members that are “on the go” or those that live far from you.
Here are some tips for hearing your best during this holiday season:
• Be strategic about seating arrangements. Aim for sitting at the end of the table, preferably with your back to a wall to help block out background noise.
• Consider your surroundings. Keep background music low to limit distractions and avoid dim lighting so that you have an easier time reading lips and facial expressions.
• Ask others to speak up. Don’t be afraid to let your loved ones know you’ll need them to speak up when talking with you.
• And last but not least, contact a professional to see if a hearing device is right for you this holiday season.
You can miss out on a lot if you’re not hearing as well as you could this holiday season… Don’t let hearing loss rob you of irreplaceable, precious moments with loved ones—schedule an appointment with Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology to treat the problem before it’s too late! Call us today, 661-200-0977.

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