Leaving Santa Clarita for Eye Care?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Medical

 It is not uncommon for me to see a patient who was initially referred outside of the Santa Clarita Valley for care that can be rendered here at the highest level. Sometimes competitive pressures and financial alliances are the reason behind the referral. Other times it is because a family member or friend referred someone outside our valley because of a good experience they or someone they know had with another ophthalmologist. Usually when we see a patient who has gone elsewhere they are surprised at the level of care they are able to receive here. Many people still have the notion that Santa Clarita physicians cannot provide upper echelon care. Some people will even drive to Beverly Hills believing that they will see “better” doctors there. The truth is that it’s very hard to select a doctor that you can trust. How does one go about finding an excellent doctor? I believe that training and experience typically produce doctors with sound judgement. That is the first place to look. Important surgical skills are very hard for a layman to evaluate. Not everyone who trains even at an excellent institution will develop superb surgical skills. Unless you know someone in the field who has seen the work of that particular surgeon, one has to rely on word of mouth.
The desire and ability to communicate well with patients is a highly desirable trait in a physician. He or she must demonstrate a willingness to embrace any questions and honestly address them.
There are many superb physicians in our valley today. We constantly strive to do our best that we may remain in this upper echelon. We are continually maintaining certifications, advancing our knowledge, and upgrading our diagnostic equipment to keep our center one of excellence.
If you have any eye care issues call 661-259-3939 to make an appointment with our doctors. It is our stated goal to continue to provide the best care on the planet right here in our valley! Save your time and gas!

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