Handling Hearing Loss as A Family

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Medical

 We all know that communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Yet, when someone suffers from hearing loss, it’s often thought of as just their problem. In reality, hearing loss affects everyone around them, especially the people they live with.
Full or partial, hearing loss can put a strain on families in a variety of ways. If a family member with impaired hearing has to crank up the volume on the television, it can make it harder for everyone else to hold a conversation or even get a good night’s sleep. If they lose interest in social activities because it’s difficult for them to follow conversations.
So, what can families do?
Consult a Professional
First things first, if your loved one’s hearing loss is untreated, encourage them to see a hearing care professional. It’s important to really understand the scope of their hearing loss. Maybe they have significant hearing loss in one ear; maybe they have mild hearing loss in both ears; maybe they only struggle to hear certain pitches, thus explaining what might seem like “selective hearing.”
Practice Good Communication Habits
This can be especially difficult at home where we tend to be far more casual in the way that we communicate than we’d ever be in a professional or public setting. Luckily, good communication skills are mostly common sense:
• Make sure you have the person’s attention before speaking.
• Speak slowly and avoid changing topics without warning. It also helps to pause in between thoughts.
• Eliminate any background noise.
• If what you have to say is important, double check to make sure you are heard.
To help your loved ones, call the hearing experts at Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology and schedule your appointment today at 661-200-0977.

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