21 Days to Make and Break Habits?

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Health & Fitness

Can you believe it’s 2020!?! The new year is upon us and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to conquer it! If you want to be successful and not to mention happy and healthy then having good habits is absolutely crucial. Good habits being defined as healthy and productive actions you take routinely.
Everyone knows it takes 21 Days to Make or Break a Habit, right? Turns out that isn’t actually true. So how long does it take it actually take? A 2009 study at the University College in London showed that it took an average of 66 days. Now keep in mind that’s the average not an exact number for everyone. It all depends on the individual and how ingrained that habit pattern is. Every time we repeat an action, the neural pathway in the brain related to that action becomes reinforced. Think of it as a path on a trail. The path gets a little deeper and more defined each time you repeat that action. If you’ve been doing something habitually for years that neural pathway is very deep and ingrained. For that reason, the longer you’ve had a bad habit, the harder it is to break it or change it. Makes sense, right?
Having said that, doing something for 21 days straight may not be the exact amount of time you need to make or break a habit, but it certainly is a great way to start. The best time for change is always now but there is absolutely nothing wrong with making changes in the new year. Who doesn’t love a clean slate for a fresh start? Health and fitness is top of mind for many people in the new year. Our 21 Days for $21 dollars program provides the information, inspiration and support you will need to begin forming healthy habits. Breaking old habits and forming new ones is way easier when you have a professional guidance and a community that supports you. We would love to be a part of your health and fitness journey in 2020!
You can expect Survival Of The Fittest Health and Wellness to go above and beyond to help you reach your goals in 2020. If you are interested in more information please visit www.sofhealthandwellness.com or you can reach me directly at 661-713-7576 or James@sofhealthandwellness.com.

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