Bzen Organic CBD Compassion, Excellence and Integrity

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Community

The owners of bZen Organics, a premium CBD brand, struggled with health issues that went unresolved by traditional methods and decided to do something about it. They took their mission to the next level and teamed up with the largest vertically integrated grower and biosciences company in Colorado. “Our standards for production quality and purity are above industry standards. Our extraction process is patent pending, removing all THC and unwanted compounds, and we verify our ingredients’ purity with ISO-Certified 3rd-party lab reports.”
Having established their brand as a premium online retailer, they opened their first retail location in Santa Clarita. “We didn’t anticipate having such a big impact so quickly. We just feel blessed to be able to provide hope to the people that need it most.”
“Being public facing gives us an opportunity to connect with many different people. You hear CBD companies making claims about how many people use their products, but you don’t hear them talking about the people’s stories, like the husband recovering from a lung transplant, the grandmother agonizing with a hip replacement, the wife/mother going through chemotherapy struggling to make it through the day.” This is a business of compassion and bZen Organics is here to listen.
“When people buy CBD, they don’t know what they are buying and it’s scary.” bZen Organics is different. They work with clients to figure out which product will work best for them. “We help clients to find a balance between affordable pricing and effectiveness. Our goal is to prevent our clients from making costly mistakes that don’t work for them. Once our clients do find what works, we offer substantially discounted subscription pricing with free shipping. CBD is not a one-size-fits-all product, so we treat everyone as individuals. Anyone who knows us and knows our brand knows that we put people first.” bZen Organics is run by compassionate professionals dedicated to providing products of uncompromised quality and exceptional value.
“We look forward to seeing you soon, until then, be Zen.”
For more information, please visit or stop by 23300 Cinema Drive, #233 in Valencia. You can also call 661-279-0880.



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