Health & Fitness Survival Guide 2020

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Health & Fitness

From walking to jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing and lifting, there are plenty of options to choose from! When you understand why exercise is beneficial, you have a greater motivation to perform and stay healthy.
We have compromised a guide with fitness and health professionals who are here to help you! Check out our Health & Fitness Guide to help you find the right professional to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the New Year!

Wallers’ GymJam Academy
26515 Ruether Avenue, Santa Clarita
The most important thing for fitness is to fuel your body with the right nutrition with the combination of exercise. To jump your fitness goals into overdrive you need to pick an exercise or sport that works your whole body.

Survival of the Fittest Health & Wellness
28325 Constellation Rd, Valencia
SOF is a health and wellness company on a mission to changes lives for the better by making the world a healthier and happier place one client at a time!

Etcetera Medical Group Weight Management
24868 Apple Street, Suite 202, Santa Clarita
Etcetera helps patients, through the guidance of trained and certified professionals; reach optimum health and well- being.  Our personalized weight loss programs provide a safe, sensible way to lose weight and maintain a
healthy life style.

Hot Yoga Haven
25504 Peachland Avenue,
Suite 106, Newhall 
Our comprehensive yoga/meditation classes are accessible to everybody. We offer heated and non-heated classes; including Jval Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates/weights, and kids’ classes: including kids with special needs. We offer a six-week strong yogi & challenge with strength and conditioning classes. We are a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance School.

Dance Studio 84
27889 Smyth Drive, Valencia
Dance is a great way to stay in shape – both physically and mentally! We offer classes (for ages three years to adult), adult fitness program with unlimited classes, including tap, ballet, and stretch classes, for only $75 per month!

Body Game Fitness By Tiffany
14622 Ventura Blvd., Suite #2069
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403
Body Game’s mission is to help my exclusive clients reach their potential peak in physical fitness on any level that complements and/or adds to client’s personal preference and anatomy. As well as the necessary nutrition and supplemental value to a special program per individual. Based on initial assessment pertaining to individual’s subjective and objective information provided.

Academy Swim Club
28079 Smyth Drive, Valencia
23955 Calgrove Blvd., Newhall
Swim lessons for ages two weeks to adult. Beginner to tri-athlete. 90-92* Indoor Pools, ‘year-round and individual showers. All lessons are guaranteed!

Ignition Fitness
27525 Newhall Ranch Rd,
Unit 7, Valencia
We specialize in getting our clients to think right, eat right, achieve new physical goals. This allows them to live a life worth living! We offer fitness for the whole family, sports performance for athletes, kids ninja warrior training.

Get Sweat Studio
26934 The Old Road, Valencia
661-670-8044 •
Get Sweat is an innovative revolutionary heated indoor cycling studio.
With a heated room, upbeat coaches and motivating music our
riders will benefit in more ways than one!

Roots and Sky Bodywork
Will Norris
27525 Newhall Ranch Road,
Unit 7, Valencia
At Roots and Sky Bodywork, you can work with Will Norris, who has the true spirit of a healer. He uses a hybrid of massage styles from around the globe in addition to being a Reiki practitioner. He will read your specific body and energy to discover a map to a better, healthier you.


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