Imaginative Podcast Encourage Children to Brush Teeth and remind people of all ages to practice good oral hygiene.

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Medical

A November 14 article on Fatherly wrote about using the podcast “Chompers” to encourage children to brush their teeth regularly. This creative solution to ensuring kids learn to clean their teeth daily is a two-minute podcast that entertains little ones through music, jokes, and quizzes in between brushing instructions. Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care says that making oral hygiene as fun as possible is always a good way to instill good habits in young kids. The benefits are huge, it adds. Teaching children to regularly brush their teeth not only ensures that they will know how to take care of their oral health as they grow up, but also decreases their chances of developing oral and systemic health problems that stem from poor dental hygiene when they are old enough to be parents and grandparents themselves, says the clinic.
Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care says that good dental hygiene is obviously important for people of all ages. The Santa Clarita dental clinic mentions that practicing good dental hygiene is very simple to do, but when neglected, it can be the source of sometimes truly severe pain and worse. The clinic notes that a variety of health issues can develop from poor dental maintenance, so keeping up with proper care is of utmost importance. The clinic encourages individuals to brush their teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal, in addition to flossing and perhaps utilizing a mouth rinse. The clinic says that routine dental visits are just as important to individuals’ dental health because even the most well-tended teeth and gums can develop problems. Routine care visits are the only way to catch relatively small problems before they advance into a much more serious issue, it adds.
The Santa Clarita dental clinic notes that when it comes to families, convenience is key for completing routine appointments. Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care encourages people with children to find a dental center that treats patients of all ages. This ensures that every member of the family can be taken care of without having to schedule multiple visits to different dentists. The clinic adds that convenience decreases the chances that regular dental visits will be neglected, as busy schedules are one of the most common reasons that people give for canceling appointments. By keeping the family together at the same dental clinic, Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care says that every patient, young or old, can be taken care of and keep their healthy smiles.
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