New Organic Facial Masques at Beyond Harmony Med Spa

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

Introducing the newest organic facial masque treatments with Laminaria Complex Gel
and Seaweed Aloe Powder. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of these nourishing masques, blended freshly by your esthetician like a refreshing smoothie for the skin! Using delicious flavors such as chocolate, vanilla/pumpkin, mixed berry and green tea to create a fun, relaxing facial treatment provides real nutritive benefits to the skin while stimulating the senses with wonderful aromas.
Vanilla/Pumpkin is antibacterial and beneficial for acne prone skin. It also contains anti-oxidant vitamins to maintain a healthy, youthful complexion. Perfect for teens and first-time facials. Matchafina Green Tea contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which counteract the effects of free radicals from pollution and UV rays which lead to cell and DNA damage.
Berryfina Fusion is ontains blueberry (rich in vitamins A & C), Beetroot for the prevention and treatment of skin inflammation, and Strawberry Juice Powder containing strong levels of vitamin C, to maintain youthful skin. Finally, Chocofina Fusion contains cocoa powder with flavanoids that absorb UV light and increase blood flow to skin cells. This increases moisturization and healthy skin turnover.
Your esthetician will suggest the best combination for your skin type. Call us at 298-8008 for
an appointment to experience one of these new treatments.
For a free consultation to determine your individual expected results, contact Beyond Harmony Med Spa at 661-298-8008.

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