How to Keep Your Edge

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Health & Fitness

I always look to hire and surround myself with highly focused and driven people. I know those traits lead to success. In my 22 years of sales and management I can tell you this, success is no sprint, it’s the long game or no game. The pathway to success is paved with stones labeled “focus, drive, perseverance and delayed gratification”. In other words, keep your eyes on the finish line, push straight forward to the goal, when it hurts, keep going and when you want something now that takes from your future resources(including time) or future goals, deprive yourself for a bigger better pay off tomorrow!
How does one stay focused to persevere through pain, fatigue and self-deprivation? Recharge or Die Baby! A rhinoceros “rhino” for example is legendary for their charges towards an objective. A rhino will charge at full speed battering itself and taking damage to bust through the obstacles in its path. It’s an impressive sight! After the charge, a long period of rest ensues. Time to recover and recharge.
As a former California MMA heavyweight champion, double-sport college athlete, career salesman and mentor, I know the toll it can take on your motivation, emotional stability and body. I’ve taken as much or more damage in my victories, as I have in my defeats. And you can be beat up regardless of the outcome. In my victory for the California Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Championship, my very tough opponent suffered a broken orbital socket (he fully recovered) & I had my pinky toe nearly torn off.  As the victor, my recovery was over four months, while my defeated opponent’s recovery was just several weeks. It doesn’t take being a fighter to feel beat up all over. Life exacts a toll, and you feel it. Recharging is a must because life is constant.
I recharge on a daily basis, a weekly basis and a quarterly basis. For me that means finding things that restore me to the person that’s charges obstacles with focus, drive, perseverance. Because after enough dings and scrapes with no recovery, it becomes very easy to feel rocked by the smallest of obstacles. Ever felt like crying after spilling your coffee? That’s only because you were feeling beat up before the spill.
Here are some the things that charge me:
Daily – hot showers, hot tubs, a good workout, a good book, having a tidy living space, a few minutes alone with positive meditation, to name a few.
Weekly – hiking, golfing, date night, a day of nothing, hanging with friends, beach time or a long drive.
Quarterly (three months) – for me it’s usually a three- to five-day getaway; cruise, beach rental, camping trip, etc.
I suggest that you make a list of your daily, weekly and quarterly soul recharging activities and start applying them on schedule and as needed. Then get back to charging ahead!
Jim Johnson is a motivational speaker, owner/operator Ignition Fitness(IF), personal and group trainer as well as 2010 Heavyweight California MMA Champion. For help on your goals, contact Jim at 661-714-8149 or email: or visit You can also follow IF on Facebook: Ignition Fitness and Instagram: ignitionfit.

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