Turn up with Turnips at Le Chêne French Cuisine

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

As a kid the mere thought of vegetables being on your plate was committing treason to your taste buds. So, your parents found clever ways to make you eat them i.e. bribing you with dessert or threatening to take away your most prize possession….at the time. If you were lucky to have a dog, eating vegetables was a breeze because Rover did all the work for you. As you get older, you find your tastes change and the thought of vegetables especially in soups becomes the ideal option. Le Chêne French Cuisine has created delicious recipes using such vegetables as mushrooms, broccoli and turnips. Voted as a number one customer favorite, the Turnip Soup is full of savory flavor. This soup is light yet filling and very satisfying. It is an absolute must when dining here!
Le Chêne French Cuisine is located at 12625 Sierra Highway Santa Clarita, California 91390, call today and make a reservation.



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