SCV Water Takes Action As We Navigate COVID-19

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Community

SCV Water strives to make decisions that balance the safety of our employees with our commitments to our customers and community. Like so many of you, we’re closely monitoring COVID-19 coronavirus. We remain guided by our values and our mission: to provide a reliable and safe drinking water supply at a reasonable cost.
At a time when health and safety are top of mind, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to protect our customers, employees and the community:
• We have suspended all late fees and service shut-offs through June 30th to protect our residents who are struggling due to loss of income.
• We closed all Customer Care lobbies through April 3. We encourage our customers to use online and telephone payment options to pay your water bill. There are also external drop-boxes available at each Customer Care location, available 24/7.
• We are using teleconferencing technology to conduct all Board and Committee meetings. The public is still encouraged to participate and may do so by following the teleconferencing notice and instructions at the top of each Board or Committee agenda.
• We have cancelled upcoming SCV Water events, including our March and April gardening classes and annual Open House scheduled for May. These events will not be rescheduled.
• The SCV Water Board adopted an Emergency Administrative Leave (EAL) policy for employees. This protects our workforce as well as the general public and ensures that employees would not be negatively impacted should they face absences from work due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.
Your Water Supply
The COVID-19 coronavirus has no impact on the quality or supply of your tap water. SCV Water uses advanced treatment processes to eliminate pathogens, which includes viruses. And as always, your tap water is both available, plentiful and safe. We will continue to operate our water system to ensure reliable water service to our customers that meets all the drinking state and federal drinking water standards.
While it’s always advisable to stock a reasonable amount of bottled water at home in case of emergencies that disrupt the water supply, SCV Water does not expect this health outbreak to disrupt service to our customers.
We’re Here for You
We recognize this is a challenging time for all, and we remain deeply committed to the safety of our customers, employees and the community. We will continue to monitor developments, adjust where necessary, and do our part to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
For more information about SCV Water’s response to COVID-19, visit



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