A Message from Senator Scott Wilk

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Community

In early March the California State Legislature followed the advice of healthcare experts, closed the doors to the State Capitol and shifted focus from the legislative calendar in Sacramento to helping our communities navigate the impacts of Coronavirus. Thousands upon thousands of businesses across California have been shuttered, millions of workers are struggling to pay the rent and far too many Californians fill our hospitals sick with the virus. This is one of the most challenging chapters of our history and something I pray daily will come to an end.
Nevertheless, my office is open (remotely) and we are here to help in any way we can. Working remotely presents it challenges but Team Wilk has risen to the occasion with newfound perseverance and dedication. As of now, our number one priority is mitigating the impact of this potentially deadly virus on the citizens of California, and ensuring that they are aware of and have access to all state and federal aid that is being offered in response to the disruption this pandemic has caused. Our mission is not only to help those in need, but to empower those who are able to help. We are here to help. Contact us via phone at 661-729-6232 or by email at senator.wilk@senate.ca.gov.
It is imperative that we attack this crisis as a united California, with each sector of government and civilian life doing their utmost to slow the spread of the virus. I encourage you all to serve in whatever capacity you are able. Whether that is volunteering to package and distribute food, water, and necessary supplies, buying an elderly or disabled neighbor groceries, faithfully executing your essential occupation, or simply adhering to social distancing guidelines. To those in the greatest need, let knowledge be your contribution. Stay informed. Be on the ready as a source of information for others; you may not be able to help directly, but you can direct them to those who can.
Every action, great or small, compounds our efforts to save lives and salvage the economy. In early March I voted to pass landmark legislation that allocates up to a billion dollars in state aid to the people of California; since being home I have donned my mask and gloves to help distribute food to senior citizens. Regardless of what your traditional role may be there are always opportunities to lend a helping hand.
Finally, to the healthcare workers and other essential workers who are sacrificing more than we know. Thank you. Thank you for your selfless dedication during our hour of greatest need. On behalf of the people of the 21st Senate District, I commend you for answering the call to action.



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