A Message from the President of the William S. Hart School Board

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Community

2020 began on such a high note: a new semester and the last semester for Seniors! Prom, Grad Night, then graduation and off to life! Then came some strange news about a virus from abroad.
The William S. Hart School district began working on a plan. A plan no-one wanted but we stepped up and did it. We canceled trips. We stopped athletic events. We closed our schools. We have closed schools before for natural disasters and one life changing horrible event. This was different. We had no idea how long this event would last. We weren’t even sure what this event was. The world stopped for everyone.
With so many people and parts of the puzzle moving, it was a crisis. A crisis, we were blessed to have the right people in the right places to go forward with this unbelievable task. KEEP EVERYONE SAFE. Distance learning was at the top of our list of things to do. Teachers and staff worked for three days and on the fourth day we were up and running. Much thanks to our board, cabinet, Jon Carrino, Dave Le Barron and Dr. Pete Getz. Next what about kids that don’t have computers or internet. Again, thanks to the ingenuity of our staff, Chrome Books were handed out to anyone that needed one. Internet was provided free from Spectrum and other providers. FOOD was next on our list. How do we feed those students that would normally receive a free or reduced meal on each campus? Ralph Peschek and the elementary schools in Santa Clarita moved that piece into place and we were handing out food (using every caution) at 18 locations! Counselors and therapists are still counselling and school is still IN SESSION. Grades, Graduations and Next Semester are on our next list.
We had our first virtual Board Meeting! I was determined that I would stay in my home. (My children threatened me). We put our meeting on YouTube and accepted public comment, just as we would in an office meeting. I was able to keep the meeting on YouTube for the community to view at their convenience over time. My goal is to have every board meeting available to be watched from afar.
Our very new Superintendent, Mike Kuhlman, guided the maze of puzzle pieces into place.



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