Ask Cathy – May 2020

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

Dear Cathy: My face gets really red and warm a lot, I have also been breaking out in large pimples, underneath the skin (nothing I can squeeze) and they hurt. It seems worse when I’m hot, or after eating something spicy.  I’ve tried several acne products and I’m so frustrated because they seem to make my skin worse.  Is there anything I can do to help get rid of the redness and bumps, I didn’t even have this when I was a teenager. Arr!

Dear Frustrated: This sounds like Rosacea, and there is something you can do. I know this is going to sound backwards but it is the only thing that works! Stop trying to dry out the bumps/pimples. Unfortunately drying agents only make Rosacea worse. Rosacea is a skin condition that responds best by using very mild products that help hydrate (not cause oil) and calm the skin. Stay away from products with any alcohol or perfume in them, and definitely no scrubbing or ultrasonic brush, all of these irritate Rosacea. Again it sounds opposite of what you think, but it works, we see the results with our clients again and again!
We have a wonderful Orange Cleansing Souffle that works great on Rosacea skin and a Clinical Grade Vitamin C serum that helps calm redness and irritation while stimulating collagen reproduction.  Taking care of your skin at home with the right products is key to keeping your Rosacea to a minimum. One other thing you will be excited to know is, our Custom Blended Mineral Makeup not only gives you great naturally looking coverage, feels weightless, but naturally contains ingredients to calm and reduce redness and Rosacea.  Comes in a 10 gram jar custom blended to match your skin perfectly and is just $39.50 or one ounce custom blended CC Cream for just $44.
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