Father and Son Duo Support Our First Responders and Medical Staff – Tell Me Something Good

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Community

COVID-19 has put our community in a state of shock. For weeks we have watched our normal why of life turn into something so unreal where even the simplest task as going to the grocery store has become a mission in itself. Things have gotten, for the lack of a better word crazy yet, Santa Clarita residents have banded together finding creative ways to lend their support in this very unprecedented time. Local residents A.J. Apone and his father Allan have used their expertise in 3-D printing to provide the brave men and women who are out on the front lines, risking their own health to flatten the curve.
After seeing time and time again, news outlets reporting that there are not enough resources for the first responders and medical staff, this dynamic duo took the call to serve, creating The Mask Initiative. It started with just the father and son team working on two 3D printers out of their garage. Now with the help of the community they set up a work-station of 17 printers, where they print several face masks daily which are then donated to first responders and medical professionals. When I realized a way that I could contribute, that’s when I got really motivated,” said A.J. “These are the people who are out to protect us. So, we felt like it was our duty to step up and help protect them.”
Each mask is made with medical grade plastic, sealed, washed and then vacuum-sealed to ensure no microbes will infect the recipients. When word got out about what they were doing the community raised $20,000 to help continue their efforts. “I have people reaching out, asking how to help,” said A.J. “We’ve had an extreme amount of support, it’s incredible. It’s restoring my faith in humankind.” Although the entirety of the mask is not medical grade A.J. and Allan feel these masks are better than not having nothing at all.
If want to learn more about the Mask Initiative or to donate to their cause, please visit their website: www.themaskinitiative.com



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