Having a “Dino-mite” Time With Lydia Kravitz – Tell Me Something Good

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Community

Places all over the world are sheltering in place and our “new” normal has us all a little stir crazy. In the true Santa Clarita fashion amidst adversity comes triumph. All over our community residents are stepping up to make this time a little more bearable with kind gestures, donations, and putting a smile on people’s face with humor. Lydia Kravitz a long time Santa Clarita resident began making masks after hearing that first responders and medical staff were short on supply. For Lydia, the medical profession holds dear to her heart because of her close connection with it. One of her stepdaughters is a nurse in one of the most effected spots by COVID-19. “She was my first concern,” said Kravitz. “I asked her and sent out about 40 masks for her and her coworkers.”
Soon after, the retired grandmother began making the masks for friends and family. It wasn’t until her very proud husband Curt created a video that went viral amongst the community that her generosity caught the public’s eye. In a routine pick up for one of her friends, Lydia surprised her guest by handing out their masks wearing a dinosaur suit. This gained the public’s attention and orders came in from all over requesting the masks. To date Lydia has made over 400 masks and will continue as long as the service is needed for our medical professionals and first responders. “I’m not charging, it’s not a money-making thing. If you need (masks), give me your name and address and I will get them to you,” said Lydia. If people would like to make donations, then they just pay for the postage. “The mission really is for nurses, doctors and first responders,” said Lydia. Lydia will continue making masks but the first responders, nurses and doctors will take priority. “It’s what I can do, so I’m doing it,’ said Kravitz.



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