Henry Mayo’s Response to COVID-19

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Community

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, our community’s response has been overwhelming and inspiring. Local government agencies, businesses, volunteer organizations, and people from all walks of life inquired about how they could help our efforts. We are deeply grateful to our community partners and donors for their generosity during this difficult time.
From hand-sewn face masks and other kinds of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), to meal donations and financial gifts, members of our community have found ways large and small to help Henry Mayo. Those who are looking for additional ways to partner with us can call 661.200.1200, or visit henrymayo.com/support-henry-mayo/giving-opportunities/.
Henry Mayo staff and physicians moved quickly to prepare for the pandemic. At the beginning we opened an Incident Command Center to coordinate our response. Early on our Emergency Department put in place an external triage system. All told, every single hospital department responded to this unpreceded challenge.  The duration and severity of this crisis is unknown, but we are prepared to provide top-notch patient-centered care for as long as it goes on, and beyond.
Additionally, we recognize that keeping our community informed on best health practices is important. We encourage members of our community to check our website (henrymayo.com) and social channels regularly for COVID-19 updates. Also, we are providing weekly question-and-answer sessions via Facebook Live on our Facebook page for the foreseeable future, and we encourage viewers to tune in. These sessions feature our Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Larry Kidd, along with an expert guest (usually a physician).
We know that this is a very trying time for our community. Looking forward, our lives will undoubtedly be different as we all adjust to a new “normal.” We’d like to ensure our community that we are committed to meeting these challenges head-on as we continue to provide top-notch care to our patients and their families.
Should you have any emergency healthcare needs, please do not hesitate to visit our Emergency Department. That Department has taken great pains to ensure every patient we treat is safe. Should you have any questions regarding Henry Mayo’s COVID-19 policies or procedures, we encourage you to submit inquires to covid19@henrymayo.com.
Our mission to improve the health of our community through compassion and excellence in healthcare services, a mission we have focused on for nearly 45 years. WE CARE, and we look forward to serving our community for the next 45 years.



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