A Tech Start-Up that Guarantees to Reduce Virus Anxiety for Consumers Who Visit Local Businesses

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Community

When Valencia resident Tamer Abdel, CEO and founder of Santa Clarita-based Stori Technologies, realized the huge impact the coronavirus pandemic would have on businesses, he knew he needed to figure out a way to help.
It was when he saw a customer upset when she saw a worker not wearing a mask or the way people are avoiding each other in grocery stores that he really saw the anxiety the pandemic had created in public spaces.
“I saw it every time I would go out … and it’s truly fascinating from a behavioral standpoint,” Abdel said. “The first thing that was in my head, as a person in business that has been working with a lot of restaurants in the local area, was, ‘Wow, this is going to be a challenge when they begin to reopen up.’”
He knew immediately he wanted to find a way to ease that anxiety, so he created Public Well-being Technologies, a way for businesses to be transparent about the safety measures they are taking.
“We were already a software company that was set up with developers and designers, so we quickly pivoted to creating this platform,” he added.
They quickly got to work, merging the Centers for Disease Control’s many public health guidelines to a simplified system that follows those rules.
PWT is quickly gaining popularity amongst the Santa Clarita retail community, businesses place the PWT window signage that communicates the business is committed to safety, consumers can simply scan a business’ QR code to see if they are in compliance. “So, before I actually walk in, I know that the business has taken all safety precautions to keep me and my family safe.
One of the early users of the Public Well-being Technologies platform was a local food delivery company. WeGo partnered with PWT to ease virus anxiety amongst its customers in a creative way. Before drivers begin their shift, they are screened for COVID symptoms, the well-being checks are then shared on the WeGo website where customers can insure the person delivering their food is healthy.
Mayor Pro Tem Bill Miranda recently joined the Public Well-being Technologies advisory board with his private consulting company to assist in responding to Santa Clarita businesses that have been impacted.
“Our mission together is simple — help Santa Clarita businesses reopen businesses safely and reduce virus anxiety in the community,” Abdel said.
Businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley can receive a free PWT profile, and the website gives businesses more resources, including tips and stories from other businesses, along with email and social media templates to send to consumers.
“There’s so many other things a business needs to worry about right now than to worry about this stuff,” Abdel added. “It’s really all about winning (consumers’) trust back.”
For more information on PWT, visit: www.pwtsafe.org.


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