A Note From the Publishers – August 2020

by | Jul 29, 2020 | A Note From the Publisher

As we go to print with our August 2020 issue, I am reminded of all the things that were missed so far this year. Weddings, concerts, non-profit events, birthday celebrations, graduations and so much more. This is the time when we find out just how resilient we are and how we can find a way to move forward, even though the odds seem to be against us. Who would have thought back in February that we would still be talking COVID-19 in August? I am thinking of all the ways that businesses have reorganized in order to survive. We at the Santa Clarita Magazine are no different, we were amongst those who needed to make changes and refocus. Over the past 30 years we have been happy to be involved with our local non-profits and help them to promote their events which they rely upon to continue to do all the great work locally, every month we featured some of the kindest, most generous people in our valley, people that make a difference, non-profit leaders and sponsors of events – we miss seeing them!
We have restructured our editorial content every month so that you, our readers have up-to-date editorials from our valley leaders. This month we had a very different idea, we wanted to throw a positive light on the Santa Clarita Valley. If you are anything like me, you may be really interested in knowing what’s going on behind the scaffolding, what new businesses are opening, how many homes will there be etc., well turn the pages and check out our “Growth in Santa Clarita” features to find out what’s in the future for our valley.
Seems you can’t keep the Santa Clarita Valley down! I’m hoping you’ve visited our local restaurants and witnessed all they have to offer. I’ve never seen so many great deals on take-away menus and now with the addition of fabulous patios extended into the streets and parking lots, you kind of feel like you are dining on the Mediterranean. Try it and let me know if you agree.
In this issue we are pleased to feature a very informative Business Directory, so if you are looking for a lawyer, a CPA or a wealth management expert to name but a few, look no further, you will find them here.
We’ve also focused in on the kids in our Education Guide, you will find everything from swim classes to performing arts and much more.
Have you seen our August/September issue of élite Magazine? If you want the inside scoop on our new Sheriff’s Captain, Justin Diez, you can read all about him as he is our cover story. Also, we were so happy to celebrate our 2nd Annual Ultimate Gentlemen in Business with so many accomplished gentlemen in the Santa Clarita Valley. If you are not getting élite Magazine at home, give us a call or subscribe on-line, it’s free.
Always remember to shop local!

Stay Safe
Linda, Moe and Alex Hafizi



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