Growth in Santa Clarita – Vista Canyon

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Community

Vista Canyon is well on its way to becoming the “it” place to live and work. Many have been following this development since its planning stages and are counting down the days for the grand opening. This development combines residential and commercial with high value homes, creative office spaces and retail opportunities following three main philosophies: community, accessibility, and sustainability.
Spanning across 185 acres, Vista Canyon has 200 hotel rooms, 480 luxury apartments, 1,100 homes and 950,000 square feet of retail and office space that is projected to bring 4,000 jobs to the Santa Clarita economy adding to the several thousand jobs it has created during the construction process. There are 6 buildings, each 3 stories high with retail space on the first floor and office space on the second and third. This area is well connected and encourages an active lifestyle that is safe. With 100 acres of this development dedicated to open space, one can trek the four miles of trails that connects the retail, residential and commercial areas. There will be a bridge that goes over the wash that adds to the accessibility. With-in this community are two new home developments that are perfect for those who work in or out of the city.
Vista Canyon is a “car-optional” community for commuters. As a transit-oriented community this location is making it easier for those to travel by bike, bus or rail. The developers have worked with the City to create its very own transit center and Metrolink commuter rail station. Thus, making it one of the most transit-friendly communities in Southern California. From design to construction to ongoing operation Vista Canyon, is making way for growing families and business while respecting the environment.
The rivers, the oaks and the wide-open spaces are what truly makes this location so special. So, when planning out this space, developers are not only complying with regulations but also incorporating voluntary measures to keep this space beautiful for years to come. To do this the developing team has committed to water conservation, energy efficiency, renewable use and transit options. Vista Canyon will have a water reclamation plant for the community that can save gallons for reuse. Developers are also implanted sustainability in design for better energy efficiency and conservation.
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Location: Route 14 and Lost Canyon Road
1,100 residential units
650,000 SF of office space
165,000 SF of commercial/retail development
480 luxury apartments
200 hotel rooms
A new Metro Link Station
A new bus transit facility


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