The Puzzle Pieces are Moving Again!

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Community

The start of school used to be the highlight of my year. I was so excited (even after 30 years of teaching). Now we are dealing with this crisis. We have two paths in the works for the opening school in the fall… one month away! Students will remain enrolled at their current school unless the parent indicates the preference for long term online learning. Teachers are receiving professional development to increase effectiveness of online instructional practices and students will be held accountable for integrity of assignments and due dates. Teachers will be required to use ZOOM or Google Meet to interact virtually with students providing instruction to support Google Classroom content. If a student elects exclusive online learning environment, he or she may still participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as athletics, ASB, etc. Teachers will provide targeted intervention for struggling students. The district will attempt to aid students with equipment and internet to work from home again this semester.
Students that have chosen to return in person to school will be divided into two cohorts based on first initial of last name (A-K Cohort A, L-Z Cohort B) students in the same household will remain together regardless of last name. Based on the requirement to maintain physical distance, the schools can accommodate only about ½ the usual students per classroom. Students in Cohort A will attend school on a block schedule Monday and Tuesday. Students will be dismissed at lunch, “grab and go” (again free). Students in Cohort B will attend school on a block schedule Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will be rotated between cohorts.
Block schedule allows for three classes per day at the junior high.
The high school schedule has three classes per day along with additional time in the early morning for dual enrollment and the afternoon for athletics and other school specific courses.
Both core curriculum and elective courses will be offered. Students are expected to be participating virtually in the instructional process when not on campus. Students will be required to rotate classrooms per their individual schedule.
Anyone entering campus will required to wear masks at all times, they must sanitize their hands prior to entering the school and sanitize again prior to entering any classroom or building. They will keep a 6-foot distance.
These are state and county orders for opening schools. I understand that mental health for teenagers should include interaction and socializing. I also do not want anyone to get the virus.
Please refer to the Hart District Website for updates. I can be reached at I am willing to try to get answers to questions by directing them to the expert in that field if I cannot answer them myself.
We will be addressing racism, and all the sub-isms this semester, where appropriate. Though, anytime I heard a racial slur or a homophobic remark I stopped my lesson and used the time to teach the lesson of the fear and hurt and stupidity that came with these remarks. I am so sorry it took tragedy to bring this to the back to the surface. We have a challenging semester ahead in many ways. Stay tuned for the moving pieces to this puzzle.


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