The Santa Clarita Public Library Launches Curbside Printing Services Enjoy Free Printing of Up to 10 Pages Per Day at the Old Town Newhall Library!

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Community

The Santa Clarita Public Library is now offering curbside printing services at the Old Town Newhall Library! Print services are free and every visitor is allowed to print up to 10 pages per day. Take advantage of the free printing service today by visiting or by downloading the PrinterOn app in the Apple or Google Play app stores.
The new curbside printing service is one of the many ways the team at the Santa Clarita Public Library is continuing to support the community! Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, each library branch has shown creativity and innovation in the ways they operate. Residents in Santa Clarita may not have access to a printer, may have a passport need or may need to retrieve certain library materials outside of regular business hours. Each of these needs are addressed in the new curbside printing service, the modified passport service and the new 24/7 library locker systems.
To retrieve your print material, drive to the Old Town Newhall Library after submitting your print job and park in a designated curbside parking space. With your email address ready, please call (661) 259-0750 to have staff deliver your print material. If you have any questions about the new curbside printing service, email


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