Whiter teeth for the summer…. Zoom Whitening is the 1-hour answer!

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Medical

Many patients tell me they would love to have whiter teeth, however in the past, after a whitening procedure they experienced quite a bit of tooth sensitivity, which is the main reason why whitening is no longer an option for them. The question then: “Is there a way to get whiter teeth without the sensitivity?” The answer is easier than you would expect. Most teeth whitening products have one ingredient in common: Peroxide, what is different is the concentration, higher amounts will typically yield faster results, however it could also cause increased sensitivity. Interestingly enough not all patients will exhibit the same result, i.e. degree of tooth whitening or level of sensitivity. I for one, have very sensitive teeth, so I can definitely relate to my patients that also complaining of tooth sensitivity after any kind of tooth whitening procedure. My advice, which has worked very well for me, as well as for all of my patients that had previously sensitive reaction to tooth whitening; is Prescription Sensitive Toothpaste (ex. Fluoridex). When used properly, Fluoridex toothpaste will greatly help against tooth sensitivity. At Bridgeport Aesthetic Dentistry, we use ZOOM Advanced, it the latest whitening system available, giving patients the ability to obtain whiter teeth in less than 1 hour. Prior to any treatment, I always like to have a one on one consultation, taking the time to understand, discuss and go over any questions that a patient may have is very important to me. If you are considering whitening your teeth, but have concerns about tooth whitening, or any questions regarding whitening procedures, feel free to call us for a free consultation.
To schedule a free consultation, call the friendly staff at Bridgeport Aesthetic Dentistry, at (661) 222.9229. We are located in the Bridgeport Market place, in Valencia, CA. 91355

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